Month: May 2016

I live for this




Last week, my partner in crime, Sam,  and I were invited to attend the Free State Cricket Union Awards dinner, which honours the best junior, amateur & semi-professional cricketers for both males and females in the province.

During the night we got to meet a delightful young lady named Delmari Hoffmann who won the prize for the under 19 girls’ cricketer of the year and got the chance to interview her as well. She excels in tennis, netball, athletics as well as academics, amongst other things and wants to pursue a career in cricket after she completes high school.

Now Sam and myself have interviewed world champions, international stars, national rugby & cricket players and the biggest names from the Free State in the past few years and we both agreed the interview with Delmari was one of our favourites out of the ones we could remember. She was calm and polite as well as quite funny for the few moments we got to spend with her and it was one of those interviews that flowed easily because she made us want to speak to her since she was genuine and original.

When I started dreaming about getting into sports media, the biggest thing for me was never about rubbing shoulders with superstars or taking selfies with them and casual name dropping when I got the chance. My ambitions grew when I realised I could make a career out of something I love and that I could be very good at it. In the beginning, all I wanted was to share my love for sport with others, meet awesome people and to have fun while doing it. The interview with Delmari helped me remember that.

Thank you very much, Delmari.

Remember her name, she’s going to be a star.